Thursday, October 28, 2010


I had the most AMAZING surprise in my 'inbox' this morning...I had gotten up early to get a 'head start' on all the paper work I need to get done for my new career..I'm anticpating now, after a huge wait for my DH's Blue Card (let's not go there today LOL) that "Mazz's Munchkins" will be underway by the middle of November YAYOO...anywayz onto the surprise! The AMAZING Sue from Purple Poppy has given me TWO (yes TWO) blog awards...OMG...I'm over the moon and delighted, it has made my day's 'head start' so much more refreshing and all the hard work that much more worthwhile :)

The first award is "Beautiful Blogger"...and I specially want to pass it on to 10 wonderful bloggers.
Please check out Sue's fabulous blog here.

The main rule for this Award is to tell you 10 things you might not know about myself, so here goes:
1. I am a Leo.
2. My shoe size is 8.
3. I am an ex-pat Kiwi (New Zealander) and I now live in Beenleigh (SE Queensland, half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast)
4. I am happiest when I'm with my family: 2 sons and 3 grandchildren who live in NZ and my darling dearest (2nd) husband and soulmate Ian (aka Biggles)
5. I am extremely receptive to romance - Ian proposed to be in a 1932 De Havalland Dragon (bi-plane) whilst dressed in his Biggles costume.
6. Our theme Wedding was "Biggles Gets Married" on 8th December 2001.
7. I dont read many books, but when I do its usually a topic that I'm passionate about at the time...I recently bt this book and I'm reading "Complete Color Harmony" (c) Tina Sutton.
8. I'm passionate about 'colour' at the moment, so I'm going to start a workshop today at Big Picture Scrapbooks, taught by my fave NZ artist Nic Howard called "Colour! Or is it Color?"at bigpicture scrapbooking.
9. My favourite colour is Orange
10. I have obstructive sleep apnea so I sleep with a CPAP at night

10 things sure was a challenge :)
{Drum roll please} now to name the 10 GORGEOUS bloggers I'd like to pass this Award on to, in no particular order as they are all fabulous, creative artists:

Helene (aka 2amscrapper) (Lots A Scrap )
Geli (Colourblast)
May (confessions of a chocaholic)
Sandra (the lazy scrapper)
Samantha (aka SamIam) (My Life in Notes)
Alicia (Leisha's blog)
Debz (Deb's Creations)
Mel (You and Me + two)
Mandy (Pearl Maple)
Tiff (Merry Memoirs of Me)

The rules for the 10 lovely Bloggers are:

1.Thank the person who sent you the award. Thanks again SUE :)
2.Take the Award and post it on your blog. done :)
3.Tell us 10 things about yourself we probably don't know. :)
4.Pass the Award onto 10 more lovely Bloggers, with the rules :)

{another drum roll please} The SECOND award:

What another AWESOME surprise...The beautiful Sue has given me this fabby Blog Award as well :) Here's Sue's blog, she would LOVE you to pop over and visit...O.K so the rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person that passed it to you - Thank you so much Sue:)
2. Copy the award to your blog. :)
3. Share three things about yourself that you enjoy doing :)
4. Pass the award to 5 others :)
Three things that I enjoy doing are:
1) Spending time with my family - time in Beenleigh with my DH & cat, Goggles and in NZ with my sons and 3 grandchildren as well as my extended family (Mum, Dad & 7 siblings and their kids :))
2) Spending time in my scrapping-space (actually I have OCD when i comes to my scrapping and papercraft LOL)
3) Children - specially babies and friends' kids. I love how relationships develop with them and my friends :)

Right that's Rules 1, 2 and 3 taken care of. Now for rule 4 - passing this Blog Award onto 5 other lovel, creative ladies. This is hard as all the blogs I visit are all fabulous (I wouldnt visit otherwise eh!) So {drumroll}:

Louise (Punkinscrap)
Georgia (On My Mind)
Kirsten (Kirsten's Scrappy Place)
Nolene (aka wacky Noels)
Deb L (Snapshot of my family)

WTG Gals! I hope you ALL enjoy your awards and have a happy fulfilling day and week...I'm SO lookin' forward to seeing heaps more of your imaginations and creations {MWAH} (♥ ♥ ya all) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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